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    thanks for nothing!you say i missed a league game.i say you missed it.that cost me 2500000,im unhappy .i dont know if i can continue to make my payroll with this crap goin on.i have missed very few games in almost 3 yrs.and that was because of losing internet for a month..i waited all day so i could strugle to maintain 5th place 4th last season an2 firsts and a second prior to that.your seasons suck.the amount of money i drop on this one sided game should allow me to play longer seasons ,9 inning games and determine who takes first by percentage and games won .not how many runs you win or lose by....that can be altered with boosts,and not everyone has money to blow on a game! the time and money for coaches etc training,everything is way stupidly overpriced.cant you try to even it up just a little bit so poor people can enjoy then game? and where the hell is the big change or update whatever it is ?been waiting a long time!do you think we will ever get to see our pitchers play,our defense in action?the rewards in the rival games are bs.what good are they anyway?and im done ,i wont say s--- about the accuracy of the scouting reports........... F.R.Kapp jr

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    Frank, I have the largest payroll in all of WGT baseball and if I can make payroll, then anyone can. Play a lot of scrimmage games! You can always get a good 5 to 10,000,000 Coins from Rivals play also, even up to 15 Mil from Rivals if you can finish in the A or B Tier. It's possible! That, by-the-way, is yet another reason to carry a lot of players on your roster. I let one player go to Poach today and it added over 50 Million to my coin coffer and it was a player I can easily do without. Improvise, Adapt, Overcome! WGT ain't gonna change things to help you out!

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