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Thread: Money vanishing

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    Angry Money vanishing

    Two weeks ago I had around 9,000,000 and today i have 300,000??? Where is all this money suddenly going? I have been playing for around 3 yrs. and have never seen my money dwindle like this. is anyone else having this issue?

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    Since you've been playing almost 3 years I'm sure you've already checked and it's not because of salaries or training costs.

    Some others commented in another thread WGT/BIG TOP Golf have been pilfering their coins, too. The trouble is whatever the cause, they won't be doing a thing about it. New glitches are showing up with frequency - this is how Old FB games go to die.

    BIG TOP Golf fired everyone at WGT Baseball, they're simply collecting money from players who buy boosts right now...they don't monitor the game (let alone this forum, haha). Once people finally wise up and realize the game has ended (could take a year or so - some of these spenders are pretty fuc*ing stupid apparently) the game will die its rightful death.

    So...the long answer to "is anyone else having this issue" is - YES.

    Will anything be done about it? Absolutely not.

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    Yes this has been occurring lately along with a few other "glitches". Wizard is right, nothing is ever going to be done about it. I had a few overnight robberies myself in the last month. Lost somewhere in the neighborhood of about 30 million coins overall. Checked and double checked salaries and such (I've been playing since sometime in 2012 so I know how it works)
    At this point I'm never more than 2 payroll periods now away from being out of coins and when they go my team retires.

    I believe the common consensus is that BIG TOP Golf sucks camel balls

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    Every day I get to work, log on and get my game in, and then train. Frustrating to say the least, I guess I'll have to find a new game to waste time at. oh well

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    I joined here to ask the same question. Friday night after the last playoff game I had a little under $10 million and by Sunday I had $7.9 million. Now some of it was salaries but that seems like a lot to me. Is there any way to track the money leaving your team?

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    Quote Originally Posted by barryeller View Post
    Now some of it was salaries but that seems like a lot to me.
    It "seems" like a lot? How much did you spend on salaries? Maybe it was not a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barryeller View Post
    Is there any way to track the money leaving your team?
    Under free agents section, sort your list by expiration. This will show you when contracts are scheduled to be paid out.

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