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Thread: How to save WGT.

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    C'mon, you read my posts. Get motivated!!! This game is still great. If shy, PM here (to tor) or to Look forward to hearing from y'all!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tor Eckman View Post
    Couldn't find anything the other day, but after reading your response I thought I'd give it another quick look:

    Converting those to percentages, it's:

    CT: 39.6
    CF: 16.6
    CC: 12.6
    PT & 1BF: 8.6 (each)
    2BF, SSF, 3BF: 4.6 (each)

    Because these mirror closely to what I remember RobU finding, I accept them as accurate. For my defense, I train with the defense calculator, and raise all these skills slightly above the recommended targets in the calculator. Double plays are poorly calculated so I really don't think about them, but I do believe that outfielder throwing may affect sacrifice flies, so I also bump up my outfielders throwing above the calc.

    I'm not sure anyone does exactly. When WGT was active here they were asked many questions so we could better understand what pitching skills do, but they never provided any insight above that pitcher coverage affects the size of the hitting circle (square in automatic), power affects extra base hits, and vision-how quickly the hitter sees the ball, vis-a-vis the hitting circle. I've based my only pitcher from this. I believe a majority of players use dynamic batting mode instead of automatic, although how much of a majority is hard to know. And the basic rule of putting the bat on the ball applies here as well, so I have high vision, slightly lower power, then low coverage, comparatively.

    But don't worry, David will be here within the next week to tell you how it all works
    I do know that in this game, speed is essential. There is no substitute for speed. When I get a single, stealing second is almost automatic. I usually have an 80-90% chance of stealing third as well. I usually take a pitch, steal second, then start the runner and try to score him on a base hit. This means I value Vision most, Coverage to a lesser extent, then Power. I want to get that hit train rolling. As far as Defense, I'm putting the percentages you offered to work, to see if it improves my defense, especially in the area of limiting stealing and cutting down runners. Fortunately those stats are available. I can tell you that it gives me a huge advantage against most teams. When you can steal at will and your opponent can't, that means he'll have to get a slew of hits without hitting into DP's, or hit lots of home runs. It's more fun to hit and run and steal bases anyway. Seeing a hit and run executed properly is a thing of beauty.

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