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That brings up another question. Suppose I poached one of your players & now want to sell him after training him. Will that player return to the original owner trained up as I have them trained or will he just return into the list of friends that you have ..but untrained. I poached a player for around $4 million but now could sell him for close to $8 million dollars.
You've been playing for years and you're concerned about a player you could sell for $8 million? You and I have been playing about the same amount of time and my players would all sell for over $100 million.

wtf ya been doin' Wrangler?!?!?!?!

In answer to your question, none of your scenarios would happen (do you really play this game at all?) - if you sell him, he doesn't go back to his previous owner (that would never happen), his card pretty much lies in limbo unless someone you are friends with is also friends with him. They can buy him with all his skills (such as they are) and you'll get your $8 mill minus Top Goof's cut.

If you let him go to poach someone will buy him and you'll get your dough as well.

Now - to more important business! Where in the HELL is the Round Table you were to have provided months ago??? Get to work!