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Thread: F.u.c.k this game

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    That was a mighty good post Debra. I agree David absolutely practices what he preaches. I think everyone in here would agree with that comment. The problem for David is. no one is impressed by his actions. He and another guy in here who does the same thing act like they've reinvented the wheel. I think we all learned after playing the game for a couple weeks if you throw a couple gaames to a crummy team your ratng is lowered and you can win your season with ease. In another thread David was bragging he was high on the Season finish leaderboard to which everyone in here gave a resounding yawn. David is consistent but the funny part is he doesn't realize he is laughed at. By everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Debra View Post
    This forum is essentially about two groups of folks debating the merits of this game and whether it's worth cow spit. The two groups are composed of...

    Arguing that this game is chock full of merit


    Arguing that this game is a piece of cr ap

    Everyone else
    There has NEVER been a time in the history of the world where the Majority of the people were right! This was pointed out time an time again by Earl Nightingale and it's still true today!

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    Oh boy David you have outdone yourself with that comment lol! You have no understanding of what Earl Nightingale was talking about if you think it applies to your reply.

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    " He and another guy in here..."

    Geez Freddy I hope you are not comparing me to David. That will be nasty.

    OK bud here it is, you seem to be looking for some sort of confession or admission from my part. I hope the following complies with your requirements and the matter gets close.

    "Yes I throw away a couple to three games a month to avoid the TR going up too fast. If you guys don't like it go f... yourselves. I do not give a s... about your opinion on it. I play the way I want, period."

    I hope that quote brings the matter to a close.

    Happy days guys.

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    lol that was a good one Alchemist!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fred Sanford View Post
    lol that was a good one Alchemist!
    Glad you liked it. It was honest and from the bottom of my heart.

    Now let us move on.

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