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Here Debra..........It's just one of dozens posted that you can easily search if you chose to.....plenty of people chiming in.
You were wrong, you are wrong and you're simply too arrogant to admit it and let it go. Arrogance coming from what however, I have no idea. You come off in pretty much a pretentious clown in almost everything you offer in here. Go back to pretending you are here to play the game, at least that BS was slightly entertaining. Now go ahead and string together some eloquent sentences to try and impress us all with how educated you are and what a masterful wordsmith you are. Problem is, this forum is the only place I am sure you impress anyone.....and the couple people you do simply aren't anything to brag about. You can call David and others anything you like.....they probably deserve it, but you're not impressive in any fashion.
Yes, again note how many people were chiming in about their teams.