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Once again I played my season game, and once again (I think this is the 5th or 6th time of me reporting this) it didn't stick and I come back to see an autoplayed loss instead of my home game well that was a loss as well so its not a total kick in the pants but would have been nice to keep my sponsorship going.
It's intirely possible you know that on those occasions you were perhaps spending time going over the Box Score from that game (as I often do) and then forgot you had just finished a game or got side tracked which is easy to do when you are on the Internet and then never actually ckicked on the NEXT button which will Finish and record that game for you.

Also, anytime you can win an autoplayed game when you lose against that same team in your Home Game, it's a pretty good indication that you are not playing as well in Dynamic Mode batting (assuming that is what you use) than the computer plays for you. In those kind of situations, it's entirely possible that you will be better off using Automatic Mode batting and Fast Play and allow the computer to bat for you. Just a thought.