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Thread: Good luck!

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    Good luck!

    Level 62 and I just sold all my players.

    I have no idea how this free agency thing works but I hope whoever picks them up gets good use out of them.

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    out back of my resale shop with Lamont
    If you have friends playing that are friends with the players you sold they can get them off the free agnt friendlist.Otherwise they just kind sit in no mans land. Had you let there contracts go unrenewed they'd go to the poach list where anyone you're friends with,or anyone in your season could sign them. Selling them straight off negates this but thats ok. When I quit I'll do it the same way its way quicker. Now you've got a huge pile of money that will sit there forever so if you decide to come back most of your players will probably still be around and you can buy some back.

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